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Grain Plank

Grain Plank

Green Building materials-Grain Planks

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Our grain plank is ideal for outdoor desks, chairs or signs.  They are well-designed to resist the water and avoid from corrosion.  The recyclable materials make your furniture more green than others.  The surface of the grain plank is designed in natural grain surface and makes your construction materials look more elegant.  Besides, they are durable enough to absorb shock and force.  The lightweight design also makes the transportation more easy and save your cost at the same time.  Please contact us for more information today!

»  Features:
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan
  • Made from recycled plastic material; recyclable
  • Fights global warming
  • Easy to transport and construct
  • Elegant look of natural grain surface
  • Weather enduring; anti-decay; toxic free
  • Great absorbance of shock and force
  • Water, rust and mildew/moth resistant
  • Easy to drill, cut, plane and trim
  • Multi-functional; suitable for outdoor furniture, deck, signs, garbage stand and walkway
  • Size
    • 20-50 x 80-306 x 2400(mm)
    • 0.79"-1.97"x 3.14"-12.05" x 94.48"
  • Standard Size(mm)
    • 25 x 80 x 2400(max length)
    • 25 x 150 x 2400(max length)
    • 30 x 150 x 2400(max length)
    • 30 x 200 x 2400(max length)
    • 40 x 140 x 2400(max length)
    • 40 x 280 x 2400(max length)
    • 40 x 306 x 2400(max length)
  • Standard Size(inch)
    • 0.79" x 3.14" x 94.48"(max length)
    • 0.79" x 5.9" x 94.48"(max length)
    • 1.18" x 5.9" x 94.48"(max length)
    • 1.18" x 7.87 x 94.48"(max length)
    • 1.57" x 5.51" x 94.48"(max length)
    • 1.57" x 11.02" x 94.48"(max length)
    • 1.57" x 12.04" x 94.48"(max length)
»  Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: Negotiable
  • FOB: Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Contact Detail
CEO:Mr. Chen Yun Lu
Contact:Carolyn Liao & Sally Shih
Address:12F, No.426, Min-Chuan 2nd Rd. Kaohsiung, 806 Taiwan R.O.C.