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Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Product ID: Vinyl Vane

Danny Plastics offers a wide range of vertical blinds in various sizes to suit your room design perfectly. Our vertical blinds effectively block out sunlight, are user-friendly, and are easy to install, replace, and clean.


As an ISO-certified supplier, we prioritize using the highest quality materials and employ professional techniques to manufacture our plastic furniture, including vertical blinds and related items. Our products undergo strict quality control to ensure exceptional standards.


With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing plastic furniture, Danny Plastics is your top choice for beautiful and high-quality home furniture. Contact us today to discover our extensive selection of vertical blinds. We provide a variety of color options to meet your specific preferences. Our products undergo meticulous inspection at each manufacturing stage, guaranteeing their worthiness.

When it comes to vertical blinds, trust Danny Plastics for the best quality and craftsmanship.


Choose Danny Plastics, your trusted partner for over 30 years, when seeking stunning and durable home furniture. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you're in search of top-quality vertical blinds.

»  Features:
  • Original country: Taiwan
  • Made with different kinds of vinyl vane
  • Prevents sunrays from entering
  • Head rail can match color with vane
  • Straight shape, no transformation, anti-static
  • Beautiful and dignified
  • Readily installed and easily cleaned
  • Maximum length of vane: 4.8 meters
  • Width of vane: 89mm
  • Thickness of vane: 0.5 +/-0.05mm
  • Sizes :
    • 90 x 130cm / 35.43” x 51.18”
      • Packing: 1 pc/box, 2 boxes/ctn/0.72 cubic feet
      • Net weight: 4.5kg
      • Gross weight: 5kg
    • 90 x 180cm / 35.43” x 70.87”
      • Packing: 1 pc/box, 2 boxes/ctn/0.99 cubic feet
      • Net weight: 6.5kg
      • Gross weight: 7kg
    • 90 x 250cm / 35.43” x 98.43”
      • Packing: 1 pc/box, 2 boxes/carton/1.37 cubic feet
      • Net weight: 8kg
      • Gross weight: 9kg
    • 50 x 180cm / 19.69” x 70.87”
      • Packing: 1 pc/box, 2 boxes/ctn/1.13 cubic feet
      • Net weight: 8.5kg
      • Gross weight: 9.5kg
    • 150 x 250cm / 59.06” x 98.43”
      • Packing: 1 pc/box, 2 boxes/ctn/1.56 cubic feet
      • Net weight: 12.5kg
      • Gross weight: 13.5kg
    • 200 x 180cm / 78.74” x 70.87”
      • Packing: 1 pc/box, 2 boxes/ctn/1.35 cubic feet
      • Net weight: 11kg
      • Gross weight: 12kg
    • 200 x 250cm / 78.74” x 98.43”
      • Packing: 1 pc/box, 2 boxes/ctn/1.66 cubic feet
      • Net weight: 13.5kg
      • Gross weight: 14.5kg
    • 250 x 250cm / 98.43” x 98.43”
      • Packing: 1 pc/box, 2 boxes/ctn/1.88 cubic feet
      • Net weight: 17kg
      • Gross weight: 18kg
  • Swatches are available for color selection
»  Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: Negotiable
  • FOB: Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Contact Detail
CEO:Mr. Chen Yun Lu
Contact:Carolyn Liao & Sally Shih
Address:12F, No.426, Min-Chuan 2nd Rd. Kaohsiung, 806 Taiwan R.O.C.